Project Management⎮Poetry Brunch: Identities of Arrival and Survival

Programming, liaison and management following the publication of a joint issue of CV2, dedicated to Canadian and Icelandic authors and artists and their depiction of survival.

December 10th / 11.30 am – 14.30pm / Aalto Bistro (Nordic House)

núna (now) Iceland Canada Art Convergence, Contemporary Verse 2: The Canadian Journal of Poetry and Critical Writing (CV2) & Ós Pressan present:

It is with great excitement that we invite you to join us for a poetry brunch during this dim lit time of year.

Extending from the collaborative bilingual Contemporary Verse 2 issue titled Convergence/ Samruni, the event will feature live readings from the authors around the core theme of survival. The cross-cultural issue expands on survival as a concept germinated by curator Kegan McFadden in the exhibition Since Then that was part of núna’s (now) 10th anniversary in Winnipeg last year.

Since Then brought together the work of over 20 visual artists from a range of cultural backgrounds and experiences to consider possibilities of survival, cross-cultural exchange and legacy. With this event we accept the torch of assembly lit by McFadden. Please join us in welcoming the following authors:

Virginia Gillard
Hannah Green
Jónína Lynn Kirton
Gerður Kristný
Anna Valdís Kro
angela rawlings
Magnús Sigurðsson
Randi W. Stebbins
Kristín Svava
Michael Minor

Video installation by Agata Wisniewsk