Board member | NORDIK The Nordic Association for Art Historians

NORDIK was founded as a network of scholars with an interest in Scandinavian art and art history. In 2015, the network was upgraded into a registered association.

Since the first Nordic Congress for Art Historians in 1984 the congress has taken place on a regular bases every third year:

  • 1984 Nordic art around the turn of the century, Helsinki, Finland
  • 1987 Nordic sponsors of the arts, Gotenborg, Sweden
  • 1990 Influence and exchange, Ry, Danmark
  • 1993 The identity of Art History, Geilo, Norway
  • 1996 Art after 1945, Åbo/Turku, Finland
  • 2000 The history of art history, Uppsala, Sweden
  • 2003 Exhibitions, Århus, Danmark
  • 2006 Tradition and visual culture, Bergen, Norway
  • 2009 Mind and Matter, Jyväskylä, Finland
  • 2012 Presentation/Representation/Repression, The Critical Production of Display and Interpretation in Art History, Stockholm, Sweden
  • 2015 Mapping the uncharted territoriesReykjavik, Iceland
  • 2018 Collections, Copenhagen, Denmark