Publication⎮Contemporary Verse 2 & núna (now) collaborative summer issue

Editorial work for the summer issue of CV2, dedicated to Canadian and Icelandic authors and artists and their depiction of survival.

‘In an inclusive celebration of unique cultural bridge between Manitoba and Iceland, CV2 is currently inviting submissions of poetry, essays, interviews, translations, reviews and art for our Summer 2017 issue—Volume 40 Issue 1 “Convergence.” A joint project with the núna (now) Iceland Canada Art Convergence, this issue will feature work on survival.

We are looking for writing about survival as a starting point for a conversation that considers possibilities of survival, of cross-cultural exchange, and legacy—work that depicts personal and collective survival; alludes to hybridity and transformation; carries with it the physical markers of distress as part of their conceptual make-up; and challenges preconceived notions of what it is to endure from both a historical and a contemporary point of view. How did those before us persevere and how does it impact us now? What are the challenges to survival we face today and how do/can we overcome them, especially those deeply rooted in transgressions of the past? Given what seems like endless turmoil churning around us today, what will it take to survive into the future?’