Conference⎮Hugarflug 2-3 March 2017

Hugarflug is an annual conference on artistic research organized by Iceland Academy of the Arts. The conference is an important platform for a critical discussion on artistic research and knowledge creation, drawing on a wide array of approaches, methods, subjects and forms of dissemination in this emerging field. One of its core aims is to offer a safe space for open-ended questions, experimental processes and uncertain research results.

The 6th annual Hugarflug conference on artistic research presents “Memory” as a central topic for the 2017 event. We welcome any questions and projects relating to social, personal, historical, political, ethical, material, aesthetic, gendered, and embodied time; addressed through artistic and discursive forms alike.

Excerpt from lecture:

Relying on the concept of collective, autobiographical and episodic memory, I examine how memories based on physical experience are inserted into the framework of the collective recollection through artistic practice. The artworks presented are reflective of how, when documented, the performance of memory can give insight into the history, lives and social identity of the Roma people and other marginalized groups. By materializing what is known to them by heart through artistic practice (video, performance, reenactment, memorials, monuments ), a space of representation and recognition within history is provided.