May 4 – 7 2012 at Artíma Gallery Reykjavík, Iceland. A group show curated by Eva Ísleifsdóttir, Hildur Rut Halblaub, Karina Hanney Marrero and Rakel McMahon.

MEET THE LOCALS was the second half of a two-part exhibition sequel established between Icelandic and Scottish artists. The projects main aim was to create a collaborative platform were the artists visit each other’s countries, get to know native people and exhibit their work in a foreign setting. The project was initiated by the Icelandic artists Eva Ísleifsdóttir and Rakel McMahon in 2011. In September that same year five Icelandic artists visited Edinburgh conducting a collaborative exhibition titled MY FRIEND THE FOREIGNER.

In May five Scottish artists; Ailsa Lochhead, Katie Orton, Luke Cooke-Yarborough, Shona Macnaughton and Calvin Laing exhibited Artíma Gallery in Reykjvaík, Iceland. The artists individually and collectively interpreted the exhibitions title tackling concepts of local identity, cultural and environmental factors, substantiality, applied personalities and the eroticisation of national culture.

On Sunday May 6th Hildur Rut and Karina Hanney hosted an artist talk. Rakel and Eva were also there to answer questions about the making, development and future aspects of the exhibition dual MY FRIEND THE FOREIGNER and MEET THE LOCALS.