Advisory Panel⎮Skaftfell Center for Visual Art

In the beginning of 2017 a new advisory panel commenced within Skaftfell. Its key role will be to define artistic approach and premises for the gallery, residency- and education program. It consists of three members, appointed by the Association of Icelandic Artists, the Iceland Academy of the Arts and the Association of Art History and Theory in Iceland for two years.

An advisory panel is implemented within Skaftfell for a few reasons; to strengthen the dialogue and collaboration with the professional art sector and ever changing art field, as well as to fulfil one of the terms of Skaftfell’s primary funding contract with the East Iceland Association of Local Authorities and Seyðisfjörður Municipality, signed in June 2015, valid for 5 years

Skaftfell, based in Seyðisfjörður East Iceland, is a visual art center with the essential role of presenting, discoursing and encouraging the development of contemporary art. It is a meeting point for artists and locals and its activities are based upon exhibitions and events, alongside an international residency program and outreach program. Skaftfell is also the guardian of a very small house previously owned by a local naïve artist Ásgeir Emilsson (1931-1999). In March 2013 Skaftfell received an Icelandic award, Eyrarrósin, for outstanding cultural leadership in a rural area.